Our Team

I am proud to introduce our staff, who has made the practice successful and fun over the years.

Caitlin Atkinson

I have been working with Caitlin since 2010. She supports both clinical and non-clinical operations.

Joey Eastman, RN

Email: j.eastman@dritkin.com

Joey started her nursing career at Christ Hospital Neurology ICU in 1975 and joined Neurologic Associates in 1986.

Over the past quarter of the century with me, Joey was involved in all aspects of the practice. Her dedication and commitment to patient care is unparalleled. When Joey takes a patient chart in her hand, I know that the patient will be taken care of well. In addition to direct patient care, Joey is in charge of clinical operations at the Neurologic and Headache Clinic. If you have an unresolved medical issue, she is the person in charge.

Diane Fancis

Email: d.francis@dritkin.com

Diane joined Neurologic Associates in 2000 and is an indispensable member of the clinical team. Diane is responsible for multiple mid-level activities at our practice. She is a certified phlebotomist, so she can draw your blood in the office and send it to labs to save you time! She also makes sure that your medicines are filled and refilled promptly.

Kathy Intrieri, RN

Email: k.intrieri@dritkin.com

Kathy joined Neurologic Associates in 1988 and proved to be the most capable and efficient nurse. When you think of a competent, productive, and efficient nurse, Kathy comes to mind. In addition to direct patient care, Kathy is in charge of logistic and forensic services at the Neurologic and Headache Clinic.

Jenna Meck

Email: j.meck@dritkin.com

I have been working with Jenna at Neurologic Associates since 2013. Jenna works on non-clinical issues with Joyce supporting multiple functions.

Pam Priede

Email: p.priede@dritkin.com

I have been working with Pam since 2004. She’s responsible for front office duties and scheduling. When I hear Pam on the phone, she tries to help the patient as if it were her family. She also helps me find your medical records, and let me tell you if Pam didn’t find it, it probably doesn’t exist. Pam is in charge of front desk and scheduling.

Joyce Van Vleet

Email: j.vanvleet@dritkin.com

Joyce joined Neurologic Associates in 2004. She is responsible for the non-clinical activities of the practice. Joyce is also an IT guru, and all technical issues in the practice go through her. In addition, Joyce handles authorizations and billing concerns.