Headache and Migraine Management

Headaches are common and usually are benign, but can be very disruptive in some patients. Those with chronic head pain can benefit from professional treatment and improve their daily experience.

Headache management starts with thorough neurologic evaluation of a cause. Although most of the time we find no cause, it is initially imperative to make sure that this is so. Over 25 years of practice, Dr. Itkin has learned that though it may be rare, a patient’s headache can be a manifestation of a serious condition. Our Palos Heights clinic specializes in headache and migraine management. Fortunately, most headaches are not life-threatening, but can disrupt the quality of life. The most common types of headaches are tension and migraine.

Palos Heights Chronic Headache Treatment

Before any treatment begins at the Neurologic and Headache Clinic, we work toward finding the correct diagnosis. We review medical records and perform a thorough neurologic exam. If needed, we order ancillary tests (Radiologic, labs, etc.).

After arriving at correct diagnosis, we apply treatments geared towards the individual patient’s needs.

As a comprehensive headache clinic, we have access to all approved medical and procedural treatments for headache management, including nerve blocks, Botox, and other injectable medicines.

When to Seek Headache Treatment

Headaches are incredibly common, but some headache sufferers will benefit from professional diagnosis and treatment. If you are attempting to decide whether a headache merits treatment, our team is available to help. Some signs that you should seek urgent medical care include:

  • Those over 50 experiencing ongoing headaches for the first time
  • Significant changes to your usual headache pattern
  • A headache that is particularly severe
  • A headache that worsens with movement
  • Headaches accompanied by changes in personality or mental state
  • Headaches that disrupt normal daily life and activities
  • Headaches that grow increasingly worse
  • Headaches paired with any of the following: fever, stiff neck, confusion, memory loss, loss of focus, or neurological symptoms (vision loss or disturbances, difficulty speaking clearly, weakness or numbness, seizures)
  • Headaches that appear suddenly

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