Orland Park Neurologist, Dr. Arthur Itkin

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Looking for an expert neurologist close to home? Orland Park residents can find state of the art, world-class care without leaving the convenience of the Southwest suburbs. Dr. Arthur Itkin and our Neurologic and Headache Clinic are a brief drive away, and we’re currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Itkin has 25+ years of experience as a Board Certified Neurologist and Board Certified Fellow of the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine. He serves Orland Park and the surrounding communities with the latest in proven, effective therapies for a wide range of neurological disorders. Our entire team is committed to phenomenal personalized care that brings our patients relief while tending to their unique needs.

Located just off Route 7 and Route 83, our private practice is a quick, straightforward drive from Orland Park. Receive the full extent of your neurological care without needing to make the commute downtown. Pull up driving directions on the map below, and request your appointment to speak with Dr. Itkin and learn more about a potential treatment plan.

Dr. Arthur Itkin’s Expertise

Dr. Itkin offers a depth and breadth of experience that allows him to diagnose and treat complex neurological conditions efficiently and effectively. He has practiced neurology in the Southwest suburbs since 1994, both in private practice and as an attending physician at Christ Hospital Oak Lawn and Little Company of Mary Hospital. He has built one of the largest therapeutic Botox injection centers in the Chicago area, and is also a multiple sclerosis specialist. He takes the time and dedication necessary to truly understand his patients’ needs and deliver treatment that addresses their unique concerns.

Common Neurologic Conditions

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If you are concerned you may be experiencing any of the following, or have received a diagnosis but are seeking an updated treatment plan, schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Itkin and have your symptoms evaluated.

  • Multiple sclerosis – Multiple sclerosis affects the brain and spinal cord in a variety of ways, leading to different movement- and vision-related symptoms, as well as other disorienting changes to the body. Dr. Itkin evaluates your brain and nerves to help identify a personalized treatment plan that will best suit your case.
  • Spasticity – Spasticity takes hold after a stroke or other permanent injury to the brain or spinal cord. Typically affecting the arms or legs, spasticity can cause pain and joint deformity. Dr. Itkin has seen significant improvements in his patients with the application of therapeutic Botox for spasticity treatment.
  • Dystonia – An involuntary muscle contraction, dystonia can cause severe pain and difficulty carrying out daily tasks. Dystonias are often cervical (affecting the neck), or limb-related (affecting the arm, hand or leg). Botox injections can help improve focal dystonias and provide pain relief.
  • Headaches and Migraines – Head pain arises for a wide range of reasons, and is often not related to an underlying neurologic condition. But regardless of the cause of your chronic headaches or migraines, Dr. Itkin will evaluate you to determine a potential path forward.
  • Other neurological conditions – Dr. Itkin’s 25+ years of experience have made him intimately familiar with complex neurological disorders. Some of the most common include Alzheimer’s, ALS, epilepsy, memory loss, neuropathy, Parkinson’s, stroke and sleep disorders. Request an appointment to learn more about your own symptoms and a potential treatment plan.

Patient Reviews for Dr. Arthur Itkin

Dr Itkin took the time to show me the scans of my brain. He is very caring and a wonderful doctor. His staff is great and they have always been helpful and very kind as well.
~ Susan R.

After one visit I am well on my way to a diagnosis. He took his time, he actually listened to me and to how I was feeling. You can feel very confident in seeing this doctor.
~ Scott C.

Request Your Appointment

If you’d like to learn more about your treatment options, give our office a call at 708-485-4663 or submit your information online and ad member of our team will be in touch shortly. We have provided excellent care to Orland Park for decades and appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Don’t spend another day in discomfort or distress.

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